NovoTwist®—our twist-on needles. 

Designed exclusively for Novo Nordisk diabetes pens, NovoTwist® allows you to change your needle with a twist and click. To attach or detach NovoTwist® needles, just give it a slight or small twist. Listen for the click that tells you that your needle is properly attached.

NovoTwist® comes with 32G Tip needles—our thinnest needle available in the United States.

NovoTwist® comes in 2 sizes and lengths:

  • 5 mm 32G Tip 
  • 8 mm 30G Tip
NovoFine® Twist Sizes

NovoTwist® works with all Novo Nordisk diabetes devices, including FlexTouch® and FlexPen®.

Other reasons why NovoTwist® may be right for you:

SuperFlow™ Technology
Designed to enhance flow rates and reduce dosage force.

Flat Base
Designed to increase skin contact and comfort.

NovoTwist®—the right fit for you.

Talk to your health care provider about NovoTwist®. Together you can decide if it’s a good needle option for you.

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You may be eligible for a FREE box of Novo Nordisk needles.

Talking to your health care provider about switching your needle prescription is easy.