NovoFine® Plus—designed for comfort and less pain.


Since the launch of its first pen needle in 1985, Novo Nordisk has been committed to enhancing your injection experience by putting the latest needle technology in your hands. NovoFine® Plus is the latest example of that commitment.

NovoFine® Plus 32G 4 mm is our shortest and thinnest needle available—it's as thin as 2 human hairs and is designed for less pain.

How does NovoFine® Plus differ from other pen needles?
NovoFine® Plus has an ergonomic grip that incorporates built-in extended flanges and a flat needle base for improved skin contact when injecting.

Is a 4 mm needle long enough to effectively deliver insulin?
Skin thickness (epidermis and dermis) usually ranges between 1.9 mm to 2.4 mm around the body, so a 4 mm needle can be used to effectively deliver insulin.


Other reasons why NovoFine® Plus may be right for you:

Flat Base Technology
Designed to improve skin contact and comfort.

SuperFlow™ technology
Increases the width of the internal passageway of the needle without making the needle wider. Designed to enhance flow rates and reduce dosage force.

Universal Fit 
Fits all currently available insulin pens and some GLP-1 receptor agonist pens.a

Designed to resist bending or breaking.

Standard Injection Technique
A 4 mm needle can be inserted at a 90° angle without pinching the skin in most children and adolescents.b




aAs of July 2019.
bInjection technique, including skin folding, should be individualized. Each patient should consult his or her health care provider for advice.

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