NovoFine® 32G 6 mm Pen Needle—designed for less pain and to fit most pen injector devices.



Thinner needles may hurt less—and the ultra-thin NovoFine® 32G 6 mm needle is designed to minimize pain.

NovoFine® 32G 6 mm



Other reasons why NovoFine® may be right for you:

Different pen injector devices


Universal Fit
Can be used with pen injector devices for subcutaneous injection of drugs.a

SuperFlow™ technology


SuperFlow™ technology
Designed to enhance flow rates and reduce dosage force.

Novo Nordisk 100


Manufactured by Novo Nordisk
A leader in diabetes care for 100 years.

NovoFine®—the right fit for you.
Talk to your health care provider about NovoFine®. Together you can decide if it’s a good needle option for you.



aAs of June 2022.

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